Q. How do I pay for my fence?
A. We have a variety of options. We accept all major credit cards, cash & checks.

Q. What process does Superior Fence take to reinforce the structure of my fence?
A. Fence post are the structural foundation of each fence. We set each post in 24″ deep wet concrete.

Q. What preservatives are used and how long are they effective?
A. ProWood Micro is the next generation of pressure treated wood. The preservative used to treat ProWood Micro contains copper that has been micronized to lessen corrosion. Pro Wood Micro differs from other copper based preservatives in that its copper component uses micronizing technology which eliminates the solvent that is needed with ACQ and Copper Azole.

Q. After my project is built, is any special maintenance necessary?
A. Left unfinished, treated wood ages gracefully, eventually softening to an attractive driftwood gray. On flat surfaces such as decks, however, leaves and other debris may collect and create unsightly stains. Even if your lumber has the locked-in protection of factory applied water repellent, you’ll want to follow an annual maintenance program that includes a semi-transparent stain of a sealant which contains an ultraviolet stabilizer. If you stain your project, a quality penetrating latex or oil base stain is recommended.

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